Read Why We Love Our Community

This week we are discussing what we love about the local area. Being that we live in a rural area, there are few things to do, but we can make the most of it. There are many things to love about this area and the small joys that come with it. As we grow, we are learning about new activities that are happening around us. There are seasonal things that happen, and then there are some wholesome everyday things that can occur when living in Hattiesburg and surrounding areas.

A seasonal thing that happens here is the Farmer's Market. Mississippi is an agricultural state; there is always fresh produce and having such easy access to these goods makes it one of the best events of the year. The Farmer's Market usually ends at five and if you stay around you will be able to enjoy some live music at 'Live at 5' with some local artists performing. The Farmer's Market and 'Live at 5' can be found at a park in the downtown area and usually happens from April to October.

Another thing to love about the area is the tight-knit community that comes with it. Our broker talked about how it takes a village to raise a family and that the communities became a vital part of his village. From the sporting events to the dance recitals to show choir competitions, you will meet so many families that are going through almost the same thing as you. You can learn so much about your child and get advice from men and women that have been there. The people of the Hub City community are always willing to help or lend a hand.

It is not hard to make connections here, either. There is always somebody who has a link that can help you with any project you have going on. The southern hospitality is very genuine for this area, and the people that make up the community take pride in it. Friends are easy to make, and they are the ones that quickly turn into family.

From making connections to catching local entertainment, there is always something to make you feel welcomed. We take delight in the simple times and lean on each other during the demanding times. Hattiesburg and the surrounding areas are a great place to visit but an even better place to call home.