Important Questions Seller's Should Be Asking

Do you think that you are ready to sell your house? Need some guidance in the right direction on where to turn? Hopefully, with these questions and answers, we can guide you to find the right agent. We discuss the types of questions you should be asking and the best solutions. Listing price, marketing, and preparing your house are some of the questions we will be talking through.

"How did you arrive at your suggest list price?"

The answer that comes from your agent should support it with actual data. Some factors have an essential role in figuring out the perfect price for your home. These include Similar homes in the area that have sold recently, and one is under contract pending, and the current competition in your asking price range. You can find all this information in what is known as comps, and this is a list of recently sold homes in your area. Some other factors include square footage, condition, beds and baths, lot size, and school district. If you live in a non-disclosure state, this means you will have to get your agent to show you a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to view the sold price of homes in your neighborhood. If you observe that your agent lacks data to find your price point, they are probably inexperienced and may not negotiate for you when needed.

On the other hand, agents that practice has the chance of using this information against you. They do this by making the listing price extraordinarily high and have it sit on the market for way too long. When this happens, potential buyers start believing that there is a significant problem with the property. Your agent will come back have you lower the price, and you end up selling your home for way less than what it is worth.

"How should I prep my home to sell?"

Preparing your home to be listed is such an important step. When thinking and planning for this step, the first word that should come to mind is cleaning. You want to clean your home so that it is worthy of someone's Pinterest page. When looking at pictures, how most buyers shop today, they do not want to see clutter. Along with cleaning comes repairs. Your agent will suggest getting any minor known repairs done before getting to market. With the internet, people are shopping for houses online and seeing pictures of your home, so it's imperative to have the very best images. You get one chance to make a good impression, so make sure to hire a professional for this job.

"Are you representing the buyer also?"

When the agent represents the buyer and the seller, this is called "dual agency," and only a few states consider it illegal. NO should follow this question. If an agent tells you YES, you should probably consider finding another agent. With Dual Agency being in place, this means that the agent can no longer negotiate for you. It's also not the best practice because the agent can become careless because they are getting paid from both you and the buyer no matter what. Even though the majority of states allow this practice, it is frowned upon by many.

"How are you going to market my home?"

When interviewing your potential agent, please find out how they are going to market your home. They have many resources that they can use to sell your house to find the best buyer. You and your agent will likely talk about MLS listings, staging, description of your property, the price of the home, and advertising. It would help to find out what the selling feature of your house. With proper research, your agent should be able to use those features to show buyers. Speaking of buyers, ask your agent about the type of buyer that would be interested in your home.

By answering these few questions, you can understand the type of agent that will represent you. Agents want to convey that you can make the best memories in your home. Before getting into an agreement with an agent, make sure you are asking the right questions. Do not be afraid to ask friends that have sold their houses about their experience with their agents.